Meal planning and prep.

I’ve been going on about how important both are for years. And I’m sure you’ve heard it elsewhere. As far as nutrition strategies go for staying consistent with healthy eating, meal planning and prep take the top.

With a game plan and healthy options readily available, it’s much easier to stay on course.

But what happens when you don’t have time to do either? And you need to wing it?

Instead of throwing in the towel and dialing the pizza guy every night; I want you to see that healthy eating is completely possible without thinking ahead.

Shifting your perspective is key.

Here are 3 Tips To Wing Healthy Eating

One. Stir Fry.

I feel like stir fry is my answer to many questions.

They’re just so easy, and so good!

Cook some meat, and add all of the vegetables your heart desires. Done.

A few extra shortcuts:

  • Frozen vegetables
  • Canned salmon or tuna
  • Canned beans or lentils instead of meat.

If the flavour of vegetables isn’t enough for you, add some spices, or hot sauce.

Hot sauce is also always a safe answer.

I have many different super easy stir frys on my recipe page. 

Two. Easy Take Out Or Grocery Store Options

When you need to wing it, you can just as easily make a balanced choice by making a quick stop at the grocery store.

A few Grocery Store Grabs I really like when I have no food in the house and no plan:

  1. Pre-made salads with canned tuna, roasted chicken, or can of beans
  2. Chopped up veggie tray with a little dip, with a side scoop or protein powder + water
  3. Avocado (slice it and eat it), apple, and protein bar
  4. Packaged boiled eggs with an apple
  5. Nuts, apple, and protein bar
  6. Box of pasta, can of pasta sauce, and protein of some kind (ground meat, roasted chicken, or canned beans)

Note how I recommend combining a protein option with some fat, and some carbohydrates. That’s the ideal combo to stay nourished, and satisfied. 


Three. Get Connected To Why You’re Doing This 

If every week you don’t plan ahead you’re saying “the week sucked and I ate horribly” because you didn’t plan, you probably want to reconsider what you’re working towards in the first place, and how you’re planning on getting there.

When clients say they had “a bad week”, what I really hear is that they’re rebelling against how they think they should eat every chance they get.

So, why is that?

Are their expectations too strict? Probably.

Are they trying to do too much at once and feeling restricted? I’d say so.

Do they even enjoy the way they’re eating? Likely not.

Are they focusing on the right thing? No.

It’s time to readjust your approach if you’re sprinting towards the pizza place and chip bag with every little setback you experience.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I eat this way forever?
  • Am I enjoying eating this way?
  • Why is it important to me to eat this way?
  • What does the best version of myself feel around food?
  • How does the best version of myself eat?


Next time you need to wing it, take 5 deep breaths, and ask yourself what your body is really asking for.

PS. Please stop judging yourself if you do eat McDonalds or Pizza or whatever it may be when you’re in the mood for it. Food is only food. Eating “healthy” doesn’t make you a better person. Just like eating delicious pizza doesn’t make you a bad person or a cheater.