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104, 2015

It is time for a renewal!

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Summer is just around the corner… Join a program that will give you all the tools you need to feel and look your best!

Are YOU ready to commit? JOIN TODAY! Program starts April 13 until June 7th. Spots are limited; don’t wait!

In this program, you’ll receive PROVEN tools for long term results:

– KNOWLEDGE about food, nutrition and physical activity.
– Peer to peer SUPPORT from people working towards the same goals as you.

3103, 2015

Pass the butter.

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Why is dietary FAT so controversial?

There are a few reasons: there is major conflict between personal beliefs and scientific based perspectives. To add to the confusion, even experts disagree on recommendations. Outdated recommendations still exist from trusted sources of information, like Health Canada and Dietitians of Canada.

So what does the EXISTING data tell us?

– Saturated fat (aka butter, fat from an animal, coconut oil) has not yet been shown to beneficially or adversely affect heart […]

1703, 2015

Get the most from your breakfast!

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Did you know? Almost 40% of Canadians skip breakfast.

Eating a balanced breakfast is linked to healthy weights, reduced weight gain over time and improved appetite control.

To gain the most from your breakfast, make sure it is well balanced. Include:
– source of protein, like eggs, Greek yogurt (*Nuts and whole grains contain protein too!)
– source of high fibre carbohydrates, like fruit or whole grains
– source of healthy fat, like nuts or avocado

FIVE of my favourite […]

2812, 2014

8 week Nutrition Renewal challenge

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How about using your January motivation for a program that will empower you with knowledge, confidence, and help you to create lasting habits? Launching an 8 week Nutrition Renewal challenge starting January 5 for men and women who are ready to make big lifestyle changes in 2015!

112, 2014

Guest Post: Fran and Susie’s 3 homemade dressings

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Salads are a staple in our household. I like them because I’m a volume eater, which means I can eat tons of salad for very little calories. Frankie eats them because he needs to “veggie up” for his ailment of the week. Whatever the personal reason, we can all agree they’re a great way to get nutrients in. But all that goodness can go downhill real fast when bacon ranch dressing gets involved. That’s why we make our own!

112, 2014

Introducing Francis and Susie

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Pretty thrilled to introduce Fran and Susie as guest bloggers! Fran is my chemist brother, and Susie is his hilarious and wonderful girlfriend. They are the cutest, and will be sharing some science, comedy and delicious recipes on a monthly basis.

1511, 2014

Guest post: Amy and her Thai Quinoa Salad

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Incredibly thrilled to introduce another guest food blogger for Nutrition Renewal: Amy! Every month she'll be cooking up some tasty vegan recipes for us to try. If anyone knows good food; it's Amy. She is the best.

911, 2014

Guest Post: Allyson’s gluten free journey and delicious apple/banana pancakes

By |November 9th, 2014|Uncategorized|2 Comments


 I am SO happy to have Allyson starting monthly guest posts on my blog. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to gluten free (GF) eating. She’s truly an inspiration for healthy living, and is going to be sharing her personal journey, her GF tips and recipes with us. AMAZING! Cant’ promise you won’t be envious of her incredible life in the mountains of BC though. Thrilled to be sharing her first post and her […]

2610, 2014

Creating the lifestyle you want and deserve

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Many people comment on my lifestyle. They think I have this unusual self control, or am in some kind of deprivation mode. The truth is, none of this ever feels hard for me, and none of this feels like sacrifice for me.

I am human just like you, with the same temptations, same crazy schedule, and surrounded by the same environment.  Years ago, I decided how I wanted to treat myself and my body. I realized how […]

1810, 2014


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A common theme in my life lately is “time”… Not enough time to finish the work I need to do, not enough time to cook, not enough time to clean, not enough time to see friends, and so on. Many of clients are experiencing the same challenges and I think it’s safe to assume you can relate. We are all busy!

Although it seems impossible to manage sometimes, there are many strategies that can help you incorporate physical […]