[Video Series Part 2/3]: 3 Simple Strategies to End Your Struggle With Food Over The Holidays

Are you getting ready to “Get On Track” in January?

I’ve already heard from many who are.

Sadly, that way of thinking is a recipe for inconsistency, overeating, and struggle. It’s a perfect storm for overeating, and endless weight and habit yo-yo’ing.

Getting on Track is another term for restriction. Restriction is one of the biggest predictors of overeating, binge eating, and food/body obsession.

The All or Nothing cycle keeps you spinning.

It keeps you from consistency year round.

It prevents you from balance. 

In Video 1, I shared the importance of writing down what you want from your self, and your experience.

In this Video, I share some mind tricks to get you out of the “All or Nothing” cycle.

Dive into video 2, and take action on the practical steps I’m sharing.

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